The process of finding the right dog is an exercise in research, self-examination and patience. As a dog who has been developed over thousands of years, many elkhound characteristics are a function of his genetic heritage. Research, into the breed's qualities, both positive and negative, is essential in determining the compatibility between you and your pet. Once you have a clear idea of the elkhound's essence, self-examination begins. Is your lifestyle amenable to the care of an active and energetic animal? Would an older dog be more appropriate than a puppy? Do you want to participate in conformation or obedience activities? Who will have primary responsibility for care of the dog and are they supportive of the adoption? These are only a few of the many questions you and your breeder will ask in finding the right dog.

Although finding a breeder can be a challenging process, patience in carrying out the search will better serve both you and the breed. Buying from a reputable breeder involved in confirmation activities will ensure that you are getting an animal with a background of care and concern for the betterment of the Norwegian Elkhound. Pet stores are not recommended since many obtain their stock from puppy mills. If you need assistance in finding a breeder, contact the American Kennel Club (51 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010), area breed and all-breed clubs, the SPCA, or local veterinarians.

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