The Norwegian Elkhound is a hardy, medium-sized dog whose original purpose was to hunt moose and bear in his native land. Today, in the United States, he serves his master in a wide range of companion activities. Owners are quick to sing his praises as a bold, devoted and mischievous family member.

The elkhound is a perfect example of the idea that 'form follows function'. His distinctive black-tipped coat, tightly curled tail, small feet and ears all reflect the influence of Norway's harsh sub-arctic climate. His compact, short-coupled body is ideal for maneuvering rugged terrain and serves him well in dodging the strikes of formidable game.

In temperament, the Norwegian Elkhound exhibits the spirit, tenacity and stamina necessary in a dog required to follow and hold game at bay for extended periods. The elkhound displays great intelligence and is quick to learn his master's lesson. He is also a dog whose independent spirit inclines him to add his own interpretations which leads to a stimulating relationship. Recently, the breed has had increasing opportunities to share the scope of its sensitivities through various service activities including search and rescue, home visits, school programs, obedience demonstrations and as Registered Therapy Dogs.

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